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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a concept or actions taken by PT. Altikamurni Internusa as a sense of responsibility towards the social and environment. PT. Altikamurni Internusa engages in activities that may increase local community's welfare and protect the environment, including donation of funds to maintain community facilities.

CSR started at the initial estabilishment of PT. Altikamurni Internusa. We think that the company's long-term existance is more important than mere profitability. There are activities that we have been doing as a social action toward the environment arround the company such as:

- Job availability
- Water supply
- Orphans assistance
- Celebration of religious holidays
- Contribution to safety
- And other society relayted activities

In addition to social factors, we are also very care about the environment so much. In preserving the environment, we have constructed two chimnies of 35-meter height.

During the combustion process and before the smokeis released into the air, we use a Dust Collector. The Dust Collector serves to filter out particles harmful to the environment before released into the air.

In addition, we regullary conduct emissions testing every 6 months, to ensure proper functioning of the chimnies and dust collector and ensure that the emissions released into the air on the specified- normal limits specified.



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