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ALTIKA’s Deep™-Anode and Mini-Deep™-Anode Systems are used in a variety of applications where cathodic protection current must be distributed over a wide area. They have been designated as one of the most significant developments in cathodic protection during the last 20 years and are available in either mixed metal oxide (MMO) or platinum/niobium.
These patented products provide an integrated deep anode system, pre-assembled on a single reel ready for rapid down-hole installation. The Mini-Deep™-Anode System works well in applications down to 300 feet. The Deep™-Anode System is used for applications down to 1,000 feet or more. Both systems use kynar/poly insulated cable, which is resistant to chlorine gas, and have multiple connections to provide superior electrical redundancy and even current distribution along the anode element.
These products offer several advantages over other anode technologies, including:
Longer life. Continuous MMO and platinum anodes are easily designed for 30-50 life years with little or no cost impact, versus a more typical 20-year design life for other types of anode systems.

Lower material cost. Typically much lower than high-silicon cast iron or graphite anode systems.

Lower installation costs. The pre-assembled anodes significantly reduce installation time and costs.
The entire system is contained in a single crate. Simply drill the well and lower the anode system. Then pump the ALTIKA backfill into the bore hole. The optional ALTIKA proprietary Super Vent™ pipe will virtually eliminate clogging and blocking problems that affect traditional slotted vent pipe designs.

Eliminates need for standard junction box.
Minimizes shipping and handling costs.
Lightweight and robust design keeps shipping and handling costs low.


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