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ALTIKA Graphite Anodes have been developed for those customers desiring an extra degree of protection for the anode lead wire connection. Combined with the high quality ALTIKA treating and sealing processes, these are the finest graphite anodes available today.

Use ALTIKA Bare Graphite Anodes for:
• Ground Bed Applications
• Marine Applications

ALTIKA has developed the best available graphite anode and termination available. Tests and experience have proven this combination to be essential to reliable performance.

ALTIKA Graphite Anodes have an exceptionally uniform internal structure and are available plain or treated; bare or prepackaged.

For center connected anodes, the connection is placed in the center of the anode in a cavity made to close tolerances by automatic machines. On-center connections are assured every time.

End connected anodes utilize the same connection process as our center connect anodes providing the same proven connection reliability.

Once the low resistance connection is made, it's pullout strength exceeds that of the cable. Further steps add sealants and additional protection.

The ALTIKA center-connection can be placed in any size graphite anode.

ALTIKA Graphite Anodes can be manufactured with an epoxy cap or, if you prefer, a heat shrink cap. Either way, our graphite anodes are proven performers.
All ALTIKA Graphite Anodes are available with the ALTIKA vacuum/pressure treating process. This complete treatment fills all voids in the anode and assures a trouble free life, no matter which ALTIKA lead wire connection is used.


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