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ALTIKA’s high-quality, proprietary, flexible, linear SPL™-Anodes simplify the design of any cathodic protection system and can be used to protect a variety of structures, including tank bottoms, cables in ducts, pipelines, and structures in congested areas. The anodes are typically designed for a minimum of 30 years of trouble-free operation.

SPL™-Anodes have built-in electrical redundancy and are manufactured with multiple anode-to-internal header cable connections to protect against uneven anode consumption, which leads to premature failure.

The linear design is an ideal cathodic protection system for existing, aging bare or poorly coated pipelines. The anode is placed parallel to and in close proximity with the pipeline to ensure an even distribution of current. This cost-effective approach eliminates over and under potential problems
typically found with distributed anode systems in these applications.

ALTIKA’s SPL™-Anodes are an excellent choice for protecting the bottom of above ground storage tanks (ASTs). Manufactured in assemblies of concentric circles with a lead wire at each end for tank bottoms, the SPL™-Anode rings can be used to protect the outermost bottoms of new tanks in contact with the soil, the internal bottoms of double bottom tanks, and the outermost bottoms of existing tanks.

Proprietary dual-feed multi-loop design

Protects against uneven anode consumption

Provides redundancy in case of third-party damage

Easily installed

Available in wide range of output capacities

Manufactured to custom lengths

Available in four configurations


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