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The ALTIKA PL®-Anode is a high efficiency, long life platinum/niobium anode.

Utilizing a patented design, this anode is easy to design and install into your cathodic protection system. They are already sized for platinum/niobium thickness, length, resistance, and current output.

• Surface Groundbeds
• Deep Well Anodes

The Anode includes the anode, prepackaged in ultra fine coke backfill with lead cable. It is available in multiple sizes and current outputs to meet any of your requirements.

This anode is excellent for most ground bed anode requirements, and will provide you excellent current output over as much as a 20 year life—we warranty it!



Long Anode Design Life

Prepackaged Anode Construction

Reliability and Demonstrated Performance

Product Warranty



Reduces need to reinstall anodes and therefore the total cost to protect your target structure

Reduces the cost of installation

Provides you the security you need

See Product Warranty for details


Other Considerations

ALL PL®-ANODES are 2" diameter (50 mm)

The PL®-Anodes should not be operated at a current output higher than recommended or above 100 volts D.C. for optimum utilization.

The Design Life Calculation is based on the recommended current output in seawater.

Calculated resistance of a single anode in 1000 ohm/cm soil. Paralleling of multiple anodes will lower ground bed resistance significantly.

PL®-Anodes are supplied with 10 ft. (3.04M) of AWG No.10 HMWPE cable as a manufacturing standard.

Other sizes, lengths, and types of cables are available.


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Platinum PL ® - Anodes


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